Friday, July 6

Summer Time...yippy?

So I'm starting this blog on a total whim. I have NO idea if i will continue it or not, I'll try to, but things like this tend to be difficult for me. anyway its summer and I'd almost rather be in school. Most of my friends are home, but my very best friend, the one i trust the most, the one that is always there for me, the one that know everything about me, is almost NEVER home. It's really hard for me because we always have so much fun when we're together and there's never an alward moment. I miss her so much and i wish i could have her here all summer. She does some home sometimes, but unfortunatly, out schedules dont always cooperate. She's coming home on monday and guess who is leaving for a trip? ME! after i get home we only have one day to do something together, and she's probably going to be packing! UGH this is soo frustrating!!

Anyway, I've been really bored lately. I mean i talk to my friends, and I get to hang out with them once and a while, but its still really boring. At my house, there's not a lot of fun, use up your energy, things to do. I mean sure there's a computer (obviously), TV, books, and my sketch book, but besides that, there's not much. I feel like I have become some sort of movieholic. Sometimes all I can find to do is watch movies, so thats what i do! My life is so plain and ordinary, i need something interesting, something to spice up my life, i need a little change!

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